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Fan guide

On Monday 29 May, we will discover who will be Arnaud De Lie's successor in Ronde van Limburg. Download the fan guide which contains the timetable and roadmap below.


Want to experience the start and finish of Ronde van Limburg from the front row? Discover the programme below on the Kolonel Dusartplein at the start in Hasselt and on the Eeuwfeestwal at the finish line in Tongeren!

Ronde van Limburg will start in Hasselt for the third year in a row. This year, unlike the past two editions, the peloton will start from the Kolonel Dusartplein. This is what the programme in Hasselt looks like:

  • 11:00: Team presentation on the Kolonel Dusartplein
  • 12:15: Start of the race on the Kolonel Dusartplein

The slightly uphill finish in Tongeren has become a tradition. Would you like to be on the front row for the bunch sprint or welcome the solo finisher with a warm applause? Then head down to the Eeuwfeestwal in Tongeren on Monday 29 May. What's on the programme?

  • 14:24: Earliest anticipated first passage at the finish
  • 15:17: Earliest anticipated second passage at the finish
  • 16:09: Earliest anticipated third passage at the finish
  • 17:01: Earliest anticipated finish

On Monday 29 May, we kick off the Nieuwsblad Cycling Series in the Ronde van Limburg setting. Special Olympics athletes will compete on a course of just under two kilometers in and around Tongeren. The race kicks off at 13:00 on the Eeuwfeestwal in Tongeren. Just under 45 minutes later, we will honour the winners on the podium and pay tribute to all participants.


Wondering who will be at the start on Monday 29 May? Discover the provisional start list below!

1. Belgium Tim MERLIER 2. Germany Jannik STEIMLE 3. Italy Andrea RACCAGNI NOVIERO 4. Belgium Bert VAN LERBERGHE 5. Belgium Stan VAN TRICHT 6. Belgium Siebe DEWEIRDT 7. Belgium Warre VANGHELUWE
11. Belgium Lionel TAMINIAUX 12. Belgium Ayco BASTIAENS 13. Belgium Simon DEHAIRS 14. Belgium Timo KIELICH 15. Australia Jensen PLOWRIGHT 16. Belgium Siebe ROESEMS 17. Belgium Fabio VAN DEN BOSSCHE
21. Belgium Gerben THIJSSEN 22. Belgium Thijs AERTS 23. Denmark Julius JOHANSEN 24. Switzerland Kevin KUHN 25. Belgium Baptiste PLANCKAERT 26. Netherlands Boy VAN POPPEL 27. Belgium Loïc VLIEGEN
31. Belgium Louis BLOUWE 32. Belgium Luca DE MEESTER 33. Belgium Ceriel DESAL 34. Belgium Ludovic ROBEET 35. Denmark Alexander SALBY 36. Belgium Julian MERTENS 37. Belgium Kenneth VAN ROOY
41. Australia Caleb EWAN 42. Belgium Jasper DE BUYST 43. Australia Jarrad DRIZNERS 44. Italy Jacopo GUARNIERI 45. Belgium Jarne VAN DE PAAR 46. Germany Michael SCHWARZMANN 47. Germany Rüdiger SELIG
51. New Zealand Ryan CHRISTENSEN 52. New Zealand James FOUCHE 53. New Zealand Luke MUDGWAY 54. New Zealand James ORAM 55. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Jacob SCOTT 56. Ireland Rory TOWNSEND 57. New Zealand Paul WRIGHT
61. Poland Stanislaw ANIOLKOWSKI 62. Poland Alan BANASZEK 63. Canada Charles-Etienne CHRETIEN 64. United States of America Cory GREENBERG 65. United States of America Gage HECHT 66. United States of America Colin JOYCE 67. United States of America Scott MCGILL
71. Switzerland Fabio CHRISTEN 72. Italy Filippo CONCA 73. United States of America Corey DAVIS 74. Australia Cyrus MONK 75. Italy Alessio PORTELLO 76. Italy Antonio PUPPIO 77. Poland Szymon SAJNOK
81. Belgium Gilles DE WILDE 82. Belgium Tuur DENS 83. Belgium Milan FRETIN 84. Belgium Vince GERITS 85. Belgium Jules HESTERS 86. Belgium Ward VANHOOF 87. Belgium Sander DE PESTEL
91. Norway Jonas ABRAHAMSEN 92. Denmark Carl-Frederik BÉVORT 93. Norway Erlend BLIKRA 94. Denmark Niklas LARSEN 95. Denmark Norman Lasse LETH 96. Denmark Blume William LEVY 97. Norway Sakarias Koller LØLAND
101. Belgium Olivier GODFROID 102. Netherlands David HAVERDINGS 103. Belgium Ward HUYBS 104. Belgium Daan MARIËN 105. Netherlands Joris NIEUWENHUIS 106. Netherlands Pim RONHAAR 107. Netherlands Lars VAN DER HAAR
111. Netherlands Bodi DEL GROSSO 112. Netherlands Luuk HERBEN 113. Netherlands Lars LOOHUIS 114. Latvia Martin PLUTO 115. Netherlands Mike SCHUCH 116. Netherlands Luke VERBURG 117. Netherlands Meindert WEULINK
121. Hong Kong Ngai CHUNG KI 122. Australia William EAVES 123. Australia Brady GILMORE 124. Australia Hamish MCKENZIE 125. Australia Lachlan MILLER 126. Australia Dylan PROCTOR-PARKER 127. Australia Tyler TOMKINSON
131. Netherlands Stijn DAEMEN 132. Belgium Gil D´HEYGERE 133. Netherlands Bram DISSEL 134. Netherlands Lucas JANSSEN 135. Netherlands Jochem KERCKHAERT 136. Belgium Emiel VERMEULEN 137. Netherlands Guillaume VISSER
141. Luxembourg Ivan CENTRONE 142. Belgium Len DEJONGHE 143. Belgium Enrico DHAEYE 144. Belgium Tristan SCHERPENBERGH 145. Belgium Alessandro TUSCANO 146. Belgium Brent VAN DER EYCKEN 147. Belgium Elias VANHEEL
151. Netherlands Victor BROEX 152. Netherlands Lars HOHMANN 153. Netherlands Roan KONINGS 154. Netherlands Lars OREEL 155. Netherlands Rens TULNER 156. Netherlands Axel VAN DER TUUK 157. Netherlands Hidde VAN VEENENDAAL
161. Belgium Timothy DUPONT 162. Belgium Maxime DE POORTER 163. Belgium Bo GODART 164. Belgium Andreas GOEMAN 165. Belgium Thomas JOSEPH 166. Belgium Kobe VANOVERSCHELDE 167. Belgium Thibau VERHOFSTADT
171. Netherlands Joren BLOEM 172. Belgium Davide BOMBOI 173. Netherlands Martijn BUDDING 174. Netherlands Hartthijs DE VRIES 175. Belgium Abram STOCKMAN 176. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Harry TANFIELD 177. Belgium Yentl VANDEVELDE


Do you prefer to follow the race from the comfort of your own armchair so that you don’t have to miss a second of the race? We have listed the channels on which you can watch a live broadcast in our list of broadcasters below. The first live images will be appearing as from 15:00.

  • Belgium: VRT
  • Worldwide: Eurosport, GCN+, Discovery+

Edition 2022

For the second year running, the race started in the heart of the provincial capital Hasselt. After the ride to the Hoge Kempen National Park, the peloton set off for Bilzen, Village of the Ronde, and its landcommandery Alden Biesen. After two local laps with 5 climbs, 3 finale loops followed with 4 climbs in the vicinity of Tongeren and Borgloon. At the end of the race, young Arnaud De Lie was crowned the winner after a tough uphill sprint. The Lie made it to the finish on the Eeuwfeestwal in Tongeren in front of Simone Consonni and Danny Van Poppel.

The race information will be available in the run-up to the race.

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